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RESTp - RESTful web service for performing CRUD operations

RESTp is an advanced RESTFul Web service developed using PHP that helps you to perform crud operations. It is built on top of the popular database abstraction script “PDOModel” and supports Mysql, SQLite, PGSQL, and MSSQL. You can easily perform the Insert/Update/Delete/Read operation using RESTp API.



Most of the Mobile and Web Apps requires communication with server using some API to send and received data. REST is by far the most commonly-used style for designing APIs, especially in the mobile world. These Mobile and web apps often requires to perform crud operation i.e Insert data, read data, update data and delete data using API. To write code for the crud operations for each individual mobile app and web app is quite cumbersome task. That’s where RESTp comes into action.

RESTp provides a single application based on REST architecture that helps you to perform CRUD operation on any kind of mobile and web apps. All you need to do is to connect it to your database and it automatically generates all kind of resources to perform CRUD operation.

For every tables in database, it provides endpoints to perform CRUD operation. An example of all RESTp api endpoints for a table are below

					GET /{table_name} – Retrieves a list of all records of table name “{table_name}”
GET /{table_name}/12 – Retrieves a specific records of table name “{table_name}” with ID 12
POST /{table_name} – Creates a new entry in {table_name}
PUT /{table_name}/12 – Updates record of ID #12 in {table_name}
DELETE /{table_name}/12 – Deletes record with ID #12 {table_name}

So if you have table name “orders” in your database, it automatically generate standard rest end points as below.

					GET /orders – //Retrieves a list of all records of table name “orders”
GET /orders/12 –// Retrieves a specific records of table name “orders” with ID 12
POST /orders –// Creates a new order
PUT /orders/12 –// Updates order #12
DELETE /orders/12 – //Deletes order with ID #12

You can use any kind of application to connect to RESTp api. Whether it is .NET web app or android mobile or iphone app or php web app, You can connect all kind of application to this api and perform CRUD operation. You can send data either as json or normal form submission (x-www-form-urlencoded) and received data as json, xml, html table.


  1. Single api to perform CRUD operation on any database
  2. Supports multiple different database (Mysql, PGSQL, SQLITE and SQLSERVER)
  3. Build on top of popular database abstraction script PDOModel
  4. Multiple Input and Output types supported
  5. Action filtering as per request type (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE)
  6. Autogenerates endpoint as per the table names
  7. Supports pretty url as well as non pretty urls (if mod_rewrite not enabled)
  8. IP based filters (Allow access and block based on IP)
  9. Allow or block access of particular table (resource)
  10. Authentication using JWT


What is Rest?

REST means “REpresentational State Transfer”. It is an architectural style for developing web services. REST requires that a client make a request to the server in order to retrieve or modify data on the server.

What is PDOModel?

PDOModel – Database abstraction and helper PHP class that helps to do insert, update, delete, select operation using PDO without writing any queries and with much lesser code. It supports Mysql, Postgres,SQlite and SQL Server database.PDOModel provides a complete solution to perform CRUD operations on three different types of database (Mysql, Postgres and Sqlite).
For more details about PDOModel, please click here


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