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WP Awesome Import & Export

This plugin is an add-on for popular WordPress plugin WordPress Awesome Import & Export , used for importing and exporting WordPress data from the admin (backend) section. This plugin adds all features of WordPress Awesome Import Export in front end of the website. You can use the shortcodes to display the option of import and export of the data in front end of the website.



What WordPress Awesome Import & Export Plugin does?

WordPress Awesome Import & Export Plugin allows the import and export of posts, pages, categories/tags, custom posts, comments, users, custom tables, custom taxonomies. You need to login in the WordPress dashboard to import and export the WordPress data.

What does this frontend add-on add in the WordPress Awesome Import & Export plugin?

It has similar features as in the WordPress Awesome Import & Export but instead of admin area of WordPress, it allows import and export of WordPress data from the frontend by using the shortcodes. For example, if you want to allow your users to export post data or import some taxonomies from the frontend, you can use this plugin to make this work.

How does this frontend add-on plugin works?

You need to download this plugin from here and install this plugin as you normally install any WordPress plugin. Now, you can add shortcode (listed below) to any post/page where you want to show the import and export related functionalities.

Please note that this is an add-on so you need to have WordPress Awesome Import & Export plugin installed to make it work.

List of shortcodes

  • Import features and shortcodes
  • Import posts – Shortcode [wpaie_import_posts]
  • Import pages – Shortcode [wpaie_import_pages]
  • Import Categories – Shortcode [wpaie_import_category]
  • Import Users – Shortcode [wpaie_import_users]
  • Import Comments – Shortcode [wpaie_import_comments]
  • Import taxonomy – Shortcode [wpaie_import_taxonomy]
  • Import Custom posts – Shortcode [wpaie_import_customposts]
  • Import WordPress tables – Shortcode [wpaie_import_wptables]
  • Import WordPress Plugin data – Shortcode [wpaie_import_plugins]
  • Import WordPress Menu data – Shortcode [wpaie_import_menu]

** Please make sure what kind of import features you want to present to your website audience. For example, You might not want to give access to import users to everyone. It is always advised to use the import feature for logged in users with the appropriate roles and trusted users.

Export features and shortcodes

  • Export posts – Shortcode [wpaie_export_posts]
  • Export pages – Shortcode [wpaie_export_pages]
  • Export Categories – Shortcode [wpaie_export_category]
  • Export Users – Shortcode [wpaie_export_users]
  • Export Comments – Shortcode [wpaie_export_comments]
  • Export taxonomy – Shortcode [wpaie_export_taxonomy]
  • Export Custom posts – Shortcode [wpaie_export_customposts]
  • Export WordPress tables – Shortcode [wpaie_export_wptables]
  • Export WordPress Plugin data – Shortcode [wpaie_export_plugins]
  • Export WordPress Menu data – Shortcode [wpaie_export_menu]


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